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Cannabis Needs More Clinical Trials

עודכן: 11 ביוני 2018

“If there is no way to standardize medicinal cannabis, then we have a big problem” - Prop. meshulam in the international conference called Cannaan


Professor Emeritus Raphael Mechoulam
Professor Emeritus Raphael Mechoulam/ CREDIT: tikun olam

The medicinal cannabis industry in 2018 continues to be growing - so we decided to attend the first International Conference of Medical Grade Cannabis in Israel to hear what they had to say.

The international conference called Cannaan was held in Israel and is strictly focused on the Medical Cannabis. Attending this event were a number of international, governmental and health representatives, as well as CEOs and founders of startups who are deeply rooted in the science and healthcare networks helping to research cannabis as a real medicine.

We didn’t know what to expect and are very excited to share the fascinating insight we collected from today’s leading cannabis experts starting with the man who first discovered THC and CBD, a hero to many, professor Raphael Mechoulam. He is a highly respected figure in the industry and all of the other speakers at the conference mentioned how professor Raphael Mechoulam had influenced their careers and has helped millions understand the importance of future research for using cannabis as a real medical solution.

It’s important to know that professor Mechoulam has studied cannabis for many years and although we know a lot, there’s even a lot more we’ve yet to discover. One of the discoveries he talked about was the power of Cannabidiol, or CBD in preventing and treating diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, and schizophrenia. The problem we face right now is that there aren’t enough clinical trials being done to gather enough legal data. This data will help confirm that CBD has many more additional health benefits such as helping with memory loss, aging, and increased recovery from head injuries which helps prevent brain damage.

The most important call to action requested by professor Raphael Mechoulam was to please conduct more clinical trials to all who are capable. With the positive effects CBD has had on its patients, it’s believed to result in more research being done by medical startups in Israel.

Diving deeper, professor Mechoulam explained how there are combinations of THC and CBD which work together for different curing effects. Depending on the patient, the dosage and the strain of cannabis, with the right research we can help more people find relief in natural substances. However, it is quite difficult to measure results without an internationally recognized standard.

“If there is no way to standardize medicinal cannabis, then we have a big problem”.

Professor Mechoulam continued to explain the reason why we need this research. He said that our bodies make very similar compounds to those of CBD that are chemically quite related called ‘2-AG’, an endogenous cannabinoid. We automatically create this natural chemical compound when our body experiences any sort of damaging stress on it and this compound is another way that the human body helps heal itself. Sometimes the body struggles with producing enough of its own CBD chemical compounds to adequately heal or relieve the stress.

By using medicinal cannabis, we can instantly help our body get the relief it needs when (and where) it’s needed the most. With professor Mechoulam’s words echoing in our heads, we still need more research and clinical trials so that we can help more patients get the medical assistance their immune system needs.

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