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Skoda Auto has partnered with five Israeli startups

עודכן: 14 בנוב׳ 2019

Skoda Auto, part of the Volkswagon Group, has partnered with five Israeli startups – Seebo, Silentium, Neteera, ContinUse Biometrics and Intervyo - in order to develop smart sensors that will improve driving safety and comfort.

During the opening remarks made at the Smart Mobility Summit 2019, Bernhard Maier, Skoda’s CEO, announced Skoda’s expanding involvement with Israeli developments, and said “We’ve strengthened the emphasis on digital disruption throughout the organization, and are now creating partnerships with Israeli startups”.

Bernhard Maier at Smart Mobility Summit 2019, Tel Aviv
Bernhard Maier at Smart Mobility Summit 2019, Tel Aviv

Silentium, along with Skoda’s technical development team, is working on controlling in-car noise, with the goal of dramatically decreasing background noises while driving.

Neteera, founded by Isaac Litman, is developing technology that can detect abnormal driver behavior – before it happens. Attuned to the driver’s sweat secretion, the sensors and algorithms can recognize if the driver is suffering from the effects of alcohol or drugs, over-exhaustion or pain.

ContinUse Biometrics, in turn, is developing an optic sensor that tracks the health and physical condition of the driver, by calculating 20 different bodily indicators using cameras and lasers. The sensor can detect subtle vibrations and movements, with a resolution of less than a nanometer, and can then gather information on the driver’s glucose level, alcohol level, blood pressure, heartrate, and more.

Intervyo’s product turns away from the driver and is more of an HR tool, used primarily for recruitment. Their new technology analyzes facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, communication skills, and can evaluate a candidate’s skill level and personality.

Seebo, founded by brothers Lior and Liran Akavia, provides tools and tech solutions for the development and manufacture of smart products. “We can consistently leverage operating procedures to implement our mobility and digitization strategy”, said Maier.

Skoda already has an active presence in Israeli through DigiLab, a Tel Aviv innovation hub founded with Champion Motors, Volkswagen Group’s primary importer. The joint venture is working on innovation and developing personal mobility devices. During the Summit, Maier spoke about the strides being made by previously existing partnerships, such as Skoda’s CityMove app utilizing technology made by Angog (an Israeli firm) to locate parking in cities. Another example is the startup Guardian Optical Technologies, whose sensors can detect unfastened seatbelts and children forgotten in the car. Maier also mentioned Skoda’s partnership with Chakratec, who have developed technology for charging electric cars without needing to upgrade the existing electricity infrastructure, and whose product will soon be deployed in Prague.

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