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The Israeli Startup Fleetonomy Partners With Jaguar-Land Rover

עודכן: 14 בנוב׳ 2019

Fleetonomy announced today (29/10/19) that InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover‘s venture capital and mobility services arm, has partnered with the startup to launch and operate their premium chauffeur service in London, Havn. Fleetonomy will provide Havn with its end-to-end platform including advanced fleet management technology, dispatch system, demand prediction modules, and AI-based optimization engines.

“As automakers take further steps forward into providing smart mobility services, the need for advanced platforms that include not

Fleetonomy Founders Lior Gerenstein (Left) and Israel Duanis (Right)

just fleet and asset management, but also the ability to launch and scale the service, has increased substantially,” said Fleetnomy Co-Founder and CTO, Lior Gerenstein. “That is where Fleetonomy steps in. A flexible platform, focused on service efficiency and vehicle utilization, is crucial to the success of new mobility services such as Havn. We are thrilled and honored to be the technological partner that powers Havn and are excited to accompany them in their next steps into the future of flexible, premium mobility services”.

The partnership will enable Havn to leverage Fleetonomy’s AI-based mobility operations platform in order to efficiently launch and operate their app-based, pre-booked chauffeur service using a fleet of fully electric Jaguar I-PACE vehicles. Some of the platform’s capabilities include accurate schedule planning, synchronizing optimal charging times and locations, guaranteeing that vehicles are positioned optimally according to demand, and ensuring that trips are completed smoothly without interruptions.

As part of the startup company’s end-to-end solution, Fleetonomy will also deliver white-labeled mobile apps for the service’s passengers and drivers, as well as customer relationship management tools and scheduling dashboard, to be used by Havn’s operations team.

“Working with the right technology partner is an incredibly important decision for us at InMotion,” said Lars Klawitter, Managing Director Studio 107 at InMotion Ventures. “Fleetonomy’s AI-based platform shows great promise in providing new mobility platforms that fit within the Jaguar Land Rover pedigree of premium products and services. That is why we are delighted to be working with Fleetonomy.”

About Fleetonomy

Fleetonomy provides a cloud-based, end-to-end fleet management solution for automotive OEMs, car rental companies, and smart mobility operators designed to maximize fleet operation efficiency, reduce operational costs, and create new revenue streams based on new smart mobility services. Combining AI, machine learning, and big data algorithms, Fleetonomy’s platform provides actionable insights that help fleet owners make better day to day decisions regarding KPIs which are crucial to their business such as inventory management, customer preferences, maintenance and more.

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