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CLEW Partners with Sheba Medical Center and raising $20m

Continuing its global expansion, CLEW announced today its partnership with Sheba Medical Center (SMC), the leading medical innovation center in Israel,

to jointly develop the first Analytics platform in the world for predicting at an early stage, life threatening complications in intensive care. The Israeli clinical analytics company Clew (formerly Intensix) is currently in the final stages of raising $20 million.

SMC and CLEW aim to launch accurate predictive clinical analytics that will be proven to provide clinical, operational and financial benefits to the healthcare staff and management. The pla tformcan help patients who are in clear and immediate danger of their lives, whose lives are in the balance.

Mr. Eyal Zimlichman, MD, MSc (MHCM), Deputy Director General, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center, has been charged with building and shaping this unique venture. He said, “As a key industry initiator, catalyst and testing center for Israeli medical technology, Sheba is pleased to collaborate with CLEW in harnessing its sophisticated technologies and predictive analytics aimed at improving patients’ health".

According to Gal Salomon, CEO of CLEW, “We are excited to partner with the prestigious Sheba Medical Center to further develop our real-time predictive analytics platform in a clinical setting. This marks the first time CLEW’s technology will be implemented in a global setting, helping us further achieve our goal of enabling clinicians to intervene sooner and consequently prevent unnecessary complications, reduce mortality, and ultimately save lives in settings all around the world.”

ABOUT CLEW Clew was founded by CEO Gal Salomon, a former partner at Pitango Venture Capital. Using artificial intelligence and data science, CLEW has developed physiological, predictive models at the level of each individual patient. Originally developed and proven in the ICU, the models are now being extended to all care settings, designed to guide healthcare providers in predicting the state of the patient. Deployable from bedside to a centralized command and control facility, CLEW helps providers make better informed clinical decisions, improve outcomes and safety; streamline patient care; better deal with increased regulation and penalties; lower the cost of care and remove discharge barrier

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