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Israeli startup GetAlert developed a wireless security camera which filter and transmit alerts

Gil Davidman, GetAlert president

Israeli startup GetAlert has developed and marketed a breakthrough wireless security camera that can filter and transmit alerts regarding various situations

that demand attention, such as emergencies or unusual activity. GetAlert’s camera comprehends and identifies situations occurring within and beyond the lens’s range and enables searches of video content using natural language. GetAlert has chosen to base its solutions on the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Service.

GetAlert was founded in 2015 by David Givon, director of the firm, and Gil Davidman, who now serves as company president. The firm has already raised $5M and employs about 20 people at its Hertzeliya Pittuach offices. GatAlert’s target market is North America, and its services are under review by several US corporations.

“GetAlert’s camera is nothing less than a revolution in the video camera world, allowing the home or business user to communicate naturally with the GetAlrt app, and to ask questions such as, ‘Have the kids come home yet?’ It even allows you to receive personal alerts such as, ‘Send me an alert only if an unfamiliar person is in the office outside work hours,’” explained Davidman.

AWS – a Standard in Video Analysis

“Our choice of AWS cloud infrastructure was simple and intuitive,” Davidman added. “AWS infrastructure sets the standard for reliability and high performance, and that led us to the decision. GetAlert’s algorithm runs on AWS in real time, and the built-in services of the cloud platform significantly shortened the product’s development phase".

GetAlert’s solution is the product of an independently-developed algorithm based on AI, Deep Learning, and image processing that included. Inter alia, unique patents already recognized in the US and other countries. The solution also features an infosec and user-privacy-protection element via the highest level of encryption for video recording and analysis in the AWS cloud.

GetAlert’s service is expected to launch in the US toward the end of the year. “The world is thirsty for a revolution that will transform video from a raw material into accessible information. That’s exactly the solution that GetAlert provides – in addition to searching for information within video, it allows you to get customizable messages based on the system understanding the situation,” concluded Davidman.

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