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An Israeli start-up identifies a terrorist in a crowd

AnyVision, the world leader in the design and development of artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, announced it has secured $28 million in Series A financing led by Bosch, the German multinational technology group. The financing includes the backing of two prominent U.S. private equity groups. The new capital will allow the company to meet global demand and enhance product innovation, research and development.

AnyVision’s team has over 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence and computer vision and has developed proprietary AI solutions for the HLS/Police, airports, sports/entertainment, smart cities, critical infrastructure, banks, transportation and retail verticals. Its solutions are oriented around real world applications relating to faces, bodies and objects. Through seamless integration and plug and play technology, AnyVision enables any camera to smarter by indexing and analyzing everything the sensor sees.

“We built AnyVision to be a core technology that solves fundamental problems in the computer vision industry and that can operate on any sensor, any time,” said Eylon Etshtein, AnyVision’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We have already proven our capabilities to the market and this funding will serve as the catalyst to make AI accessible to the world. From smart cities to smarter businesses, AnyVision will continue to be the leader with its industry changing technology".

Bernhard Schuster, SVP at Bosch Building Technologies, added further, “Our customers around the world are increasingly asking for ways of integrating person and object recognition software into our cameras; collaboration with AnyVision will allow us to fulfill this customer wish even better and offer an enhanced package of solutions".

AnyVision has been ranked No. 1 on multiple academic benchmarks globally. It will continue to expand its reach through strategic partnerships, such as its recent collaboration with NVIDIA to create face and body recognition technology for smart cities through the Metropolis Initiative.

AnyVision has shown significant growth in the three years since it launched in 2015. Today, the company has more than 130 employees globally and recently launched its first North American office in New York City. Later this year, AnyVision will launch three new offices globally in Los Angeles, London and Singapore. AnyVision’s global customers and world class business partners include Microsoft, Google, Johnson Controls, Telefonica and Genetec.

About AnyVision

AnyVision, the world’s leading designer and developer of recognition platforms was founded in 2015 to solve real world problems. AnyVision has created a software technology that learns on the feed, is customizable, and runs on multiple platforms including existing CCTV infrastructure.

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