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Noviopus launched software for sorting, filtering and recruiting employees

The Israeli start-up company Noviopus is changing the rules game in terms of sorting and recruiting employees. The company is launching a revolutionary and innovative Internet platform, which is the next generation for precise matching between employers and job seekers. This is a smart technology that integrates data analysis from many sources of information and artificial intelligence. It is designed for placement companies and large companies that are interested in recruiting employees, but it is unique in adapting it to SMB companies (with 30 or more employees) due to the low costs.

The Noviopus system manages the process from beginning to end automatically , such us Creation and publication of classified ads, Accepting applicants into the system, processing and analysis data in an in-depth and qualitative manner, filtering, ranking according to the level of candidates and inviting them for an interview. The system does not require installation or implementation and is accessible via the Internet.

The company was founded in 2015 by Nadav Leibowitz and Gilad Federman, who also serves as CEO of the company, Using equity from private investors. Recently, the company opened an international branch in Florida.

"This is a smart recruitment system that is very easy to use, without any obligation and limiting the number of users", explain Federman. "The idea for developing the software came after many years in which I worked in the field of manpower as an organizational consultant and senior in one of the well-known manpower companies in the market, and I personally felt the difficulty in finding suitable candidates for the various positions. practice, most of the resumes that come to the company are irrelevant. A lot of time is wasted on the process, and in the end it is not always successful in finding the most suitable candidates. In many cases, due to the huge amounts of resumes that come to the organization, some of them do not manage to pass, so it is very possible that the organization misses worthy and successful candidates. With Noviopus, everything happens simply and automatically from the system interface, so no candidate gets lost. With Noviopus, everything happens simply and automatically from the system interface, so no candidate gets lost. The recruiters receive a very good snapshot, which allows them to make accurate decisions about the most suitable candidates. Anyone who once recruited employees understands that this is a significant difference compared to the existing situation".

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