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Essence promotes technology for the elderly

Essence, which provides technologies that help independent adult living, recently won the SilverEco & Aging Well Award, which is awarded to companies that demonstrate innovation and excellence in maintaining the quality of life for adults.

The solution for the elderly was the Care @ Home-Smart Alerting package developed in Herzliya by Essence engineers. The package consists of a number of smart devices and systems that provide assistance to the elderly in times of distress, especially when they are unable, for example, to call for help using various distress buttons.

Essence is a privately held, global company, founded in 1994 by the Chairman and CEO, Dr. Haim Amir. Over the past 25 years, Essence has built an impressive installed base, with millions of systems deployed and used by Tier-1 service providers worldwide. Essence is committed to developing and supporting solutions that both enhance partners’ businesses and enable people to live a fuller and better life.

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