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Watermelon for every country

Anyone who thought that the different varieties of fruit and vegetables in different countries is a result of the weather conditions, it is not so. This is due to the habit, norm, and sense of taste that is rooted in each country.

Here comes the company Origen-Seeds Israel, which promotes technological improvements in fruits and vegetables and makes each variety unique and tailored to the needs of the customer. The black watermelons, for example, are favored by the Spanish people, yellow-coated watermelons loved by the Americans, melons weighing 3-4 kilos are marketed to Arab countries, crispy melons sold to Italians and sweet cucumber melons are eaten in Turkey.

In the exhibition of fruit and vegetables of 2018, which was launched by Origen-Seeds, the company presented a variety of commercial varieties of the company. Each of them represents another country on the globe. "There are melon tasters," Ofir Elasar, vice president of marketing and sales at Origen, explains with a certain irony: "These relate to various indices, including aroma, texture and taste, which are formulated into a kind of "brix meter", which includes all sorts of parameters translated into values Linear ones through which it is possible to determine the nature of the taste in each country. What we love will not work in other countries and vice versa".

Origen Seeds was founded 14 years ago and operates internationally with dozens of countries around the world. The company is active in research, plant growth, seed production and processing, sales and marketing of hybrid vegetable varieties. The company's strategy is to develop new hybrids with new features of flavor, uniformity, high nutritional values ​​and shelf life. The company collaborates with leading international research institutes to develop new varieties with new traits. Among the company's products are non-seeded watermelons - containing high levels of lycopene and great taste, melons - that enjoy long shelf life and tolerance to field diseases, baby cucumbers and a wide range of squash and pumpkin varieties.

The exhibition of fruit and vegetable varieties was held in Moshav Bnei Darom, among others, representatives of countries from Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Serbia, The Netherlands, China and Japan.

The exhibition featured the new variety of fruit varieties, which has been a fruit of the last five years, which includes, among other things, disease resistant varieties, average size watermelons suitable for the average family size and long shelf life. The various varieties were displayed on stalls with a representation of each country.

"The representatives of the countries come to know our new species, to examine their added values, and to look at the innovations for the coming years," adds Elasar. "Origen is a world leader in the field, we hold key market shares in various countries, in Italy we hold about 50% market share, in Brazil about 60% in the seed market and we have extensive knowledge and experience about target audience preferences".

Do you notice a change in consumption and taste habits among your regular audiences, resulting from exceptional migrations in that country? "This is clearly reflected in the European market, which today seeks things that were not sought in the past, products that are more suited to the taste and consumption habits of those born in the Middle East. Countries that consume small watermelons are starting to ask for larger watermelons or fruit that tastes better in the Arab countries. We discover the movements in the industry and need to continue to identify them in advance".

Origen is currently focusing on developing special flavors for fruits and vegetables, with more nutritional values, while producing a larger crop on a small area. In addition, the company work on developing environmentally friendly species that do not require spraying and are resistant to disease. The results can be examined in about five years from now.

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