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AbiliSense: voicemail system that saves lives

A new Israeli start-up called AbiliSense has developed technology to identify sounds from the environment. By monitoring sounds, the system can provide alerts in case of danger, accidents and suspicious activity. The system helps people with hearing loss but also provides a safety and security solution for the general public. At the At the presently ongoing, Tau Innovation in Tel Aviv University, AbiliSense will compete with other Israeli technology companies.

AbiliSense can detect many sounds, such as alarm or smoke detector, breaking glass, gunshots, screams or a baby’s cry. The system can also be used for smart home solutions as well as provide additional aid in cases of assisted living.

Similarly, if we go back to the public domain, this technology can also be integrated into the monitoring of smart cities, Analyzing the various sounds received from the environment using the microphones of of many different devices including surveillance camera , smart phone and wearable device such as the smart watch. Abilisense can recognize the sound of violence and or other events, and instantly perform actions such as calling the police or EMS.

AbiliSense solution listens, monitors and analyzes the sounds around it and upon detecting a sound that matches the user's preferences, an alert is sent in real time to relatives or emergency services using IOT devices, smart apps or bracelets. AbiliSense technology knows how to respond in real time, or to go into "investigation mode" in which it continues to listen in order to decipher the case it is listening to.

At present, the company has sold more than 100,000 licenses. One of the company's most prominent deals is with a Singaporean company that over the next three years may acquire more than 20 million licenses for a project geared towards detecting burglary and vandalism in homes and another system which strives to detect public violence. AbiliSense also aims to impact the future of vehicle safety, detecting car accident, children forgotten in the vehicle and identification of additional sounds in the vehicle environment.

AbiliSense was founded in 2015 by Erez Lugashi, who serves as CEO. At the beginning of 2016, Katrina Rotenberg joined as a founding partner and VP product. The company's offices are located in Herzliya's HAC, employing 6 employees locally and three abroad.

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