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LucidLogix Technologies which had developed and marketed power-saving software that let Android users extend their smartphone's battery life , has quietly closed up shop after selling its assets to Google. Reports in the The Marker newspaper show that the acquisition included only the company's technologies, which include the ability to extend battery life on a smartphone - but not the employees and liabilities to customers. The amount of the purchase is not known.

LucidLogix founded in 2004 by Ofir Remez and Reuven Bakalash as Lucid Information Technologies, the company was seen as a likely success story for Israel's semiconductor industry. Baklash is a professor of parallel computing at Ben-Gurion University and a serial entrepreneur, who had previously founded the startups Terra Computers and HyperRoll.

The company has long been considered one of the hopes of the Israeli chip industry. It is also one of the first Israeli high-tech companies to turn their products to the consumer market.

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