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An Israeli start-up wants to turn the heat of the sun into a refrigerating substance

An Israeli company called SolCold develops material that, with the help of the wonders of electrophysics and chemistry, uses sunlight to reduce the temperature of a surface by up to 20 degrees Celsius. The company has now completed a fund raising campaign

In order to cope with the sun's radiation, reflective coatings are being used, the same coatings that return some of the radiation back, thus reducing the process of warming in buildings or cars. But the old technology is limited and only reduces the natural heating.

SolCold develops an innovative coating that, in response to sunlight, can convert internal heat into light using a physical phenomenon called anti-stokes fluorescence. Using laser beams on dedicated materials, they can lower their temperature by 150 degrees Celsius. Molecules of these materials can absorb photons of a certain frequency while spontaneously returning photons at a higher frequency that can carry more energy.

Experiments conducted by the company revealed that the roof coating of a building with the material it developed resulted in a drop of 5 to 20 degrees Celsius in the space below it compared to the same situation without coating. Due to the decline in temperatures, up to 60 percent of the energy required for air conditioning has been achieved, a savings that translates into high amounts of money for companies.

According to the company, the material can watch any object under the sun and requires cooling - from buildings, through vehicles, planes, cargoes and ships.

Raised $ 550,000 in mass investment Solcold was founded in 2017 by Yaron Shenhav, who also serves as CEO of the company together with Gadi Grotes, CFO of the company, Prof. Guy Ron of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who serves as a technological leader in physics, and Dr. Eran Zehavi, . Prof. Ron is a world renowned expert in nuclear physics and laser refrigeration, studied at Berkeley and at the Weizmann Institute and is a member of the National Nuclear Energy Commission; Dr. Zahavi holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biophysics from the Hebrew University and a Postdoctoral Doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.

In order to raise its initial capital, the company appealed to the ExitValley investment platform, and in its 60-day campaign, it managed to raise $ 550,000 from 34 investors.

Solcold team

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