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THC Reverses Aging and Memory Loss

Ever wish you could stay young forever or at least to stop getting older, or even better, reverse your aging? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have some very important news to share with you. While attending the first international medical grade cannabis convention in Israel, it was revealed to us that the power of THC reverses the aging process in the brain and in other parts of the body. This is according to research by the world’s leading cannabis experts and of course the extensive scientific data collected by professor Andreas Zimmer of Bonn University in Germany.

professor Andreas Zimmer of Bonn University in Germany.

Thanks to the undeniably profound cannabis research by professor Zimmer, this scientific discovery was presented in full HD color with diagrams and charts that visually displayed the data they collected. The information clearly indicated that the use of variTHCous THC components can also be used to improve and even restore long term memory.

By experimenting with medical cannabis treatments on mice in the laboratory, scientific studies have determined that cannabis may not only help the elderly prevent memory loss, but it also drastically slows down the aging process altogether. In an experiment with old mice and young mice, the goal of the experiment was to test the cognitive skills of the younger mice of 2 months age in comparison with those of the older mice of 18 months age.

Professor Zimmer explained that the mice were dropped in water and they had to swim to the platform after orienting themselves in the tank. Naturally, the older mice would struggle twice as hard to locate the platform and the younger mice were much quicker about twice as fast.

After treating the older mice with THC for a short period of 2 to 4 weeks, their performance levels were almost identical to those of the younger mice. The results of the experiment proved to professor Zimmer that the older mice were able to rebuild cognitive signaling in their brain thanks to the cannabis treatment they were given. Both THC and CBD were each tested for their various health benefits on the brain and to research the medical applications potentially available to us all through medical grade cannabis.

As if this discovery wasn’t enough, professor Zimmer took it a step further to investigate the effects that THC had on the memory of the young and the old mice. If the cannabis treatment enhanced the cognitive signaling of the older mice, perhaps it could also be applied to enhance their memory.

Indeed the older mice’s memory had been enhanced according to the data collected by the test results of the memory experiment by reactivating the brain signaling. The older mice who were given the treatment were instantly able to recognize their previously familiar partners better than those who were not treated with THC and had no reaction whatsoever to their old mates.

By enhancing our built-in endocannabinoid system with cannabis, we can literally help reverse the aging process and start living like never before. Professor Zimmer’s work and research has proven that THC stimulates new synapses which rejuvenates the brain activity and for the long term. Scientifically speaking, long term change strongly indicates that DNA is being altered for repairs in the brain signaling activities. Further clinical trials and research will help professor Zimmer and fellow scientists learn more about how THC boosts brain activity and helps rebuild our DNA so we can live life longer and better.

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